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A Premium Shooting Experience IN REDMOND, OR


Visit our state-of-the-art indoor shooting range, perfect for shooters of all skill levels. Our facility boasts advanced lanes, climate control, and vigilant safety oversight.


  • Advanced Target Systems: Customize your shooting experience with our sophisticated lanes.
  • Professional Supervision: Range Safety Officers ensure a safe environment.
  • Amenities: Enjoy our comfortable member lounge and fully stocked retail store.

Enhance your shooting skills in a controlled, professional setting.


Explore a range of firearms training courses at Liberation Firearms Training, suitable for all skill levels. Enhance your shooting fundamentals, learn responsible concealed carry, or dive into immersive VR scenarios for decision-making training.


  • Customized Training: From basic handling to advanced techniques, get personalized guidance.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced professionals like Kirk Glisson, who offer engaging and effective training.
  • Flexible Learning: Choose from individual sessions, group classes, or high-tech VR training.

Discover professional and safe firearms training tailored to your needs. Book a session.


Step into the future of firearms training with our Orion VR Training. This cutting-edge program offers realistic, immersive scenarios to sharpen your decision-making skills and tactical abilities.


  • Real-Life Scenarios: Train in a variety of virtual settings to prepare for real-world situations.
  • Solo or Instructor-Led: Choose self-guided sessions or get personalized guidance from an instructor.
  • Safe Learning Environment: Practice complex tactics in a risk-free virtual space.

Elevate your training experience with our VR technology.


Discover a diverse selection of firearms at Liberation Firearms Training. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, we provide a range of options to suit your needs.


  • Wide Selection: Choose from handguns, rifles, and shotguns from top brands.
  • Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect firearm for your skills and preferences.
  • Safety First: All purchases include basic handling and safety instruction to ensure responsible ownership.

Explore our collection and enhance your shooting experience with the right firearm. 

I love it here. The staff is so friendly and they offer some really cool rentals. The range is a super fun experience. I did it with my brother. Would recommend to anyone looking for a relaxed fun environment to get some training and experience with their firearms.

Charles Coe

I learned more in four hours with Ken than I ever expected and it was worth flying all the way to Oregon from Alaska. From new shooting skills to increased confidence, the experience was absolutely priceless.

Lisa Holt

As a fellow instructor, I appreciate receiving/experiencing thorough, effective teaching from other instructors. I highly recommend taking training on a continuous and consistent basis with Liberation Firearms. Shooting is a diminishing skill, therefore it is important to keep practicing, and practice making decisions. I love Ken's mantra where he wants "shooters who can think, and thinkers who can shoot."

Maureen Rogers

Ken was amazing. Came in on his day off to train my 2 daughters. Very knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly instructor. Made learning fun and engaging without losing the seriousness of the topic. Will be back and highly recommend to anyone seeking intro or further knowledge with firearms.

Rob & Marlene Groscup

Had the best time, learned a lot. Can’t wait to go back and refine my skills even more. It’s refreshing to train in such a clean professional environment. Ken and team are top tier.

Dylan Reynolds

I had the best time here at Liberation!!!
Ken was amazing to work with from our very first communication to the final completion of the course I took. I have needed firearm credentials for over 7 yrs now, and out of three States and lots of classes, Ken's class was by far the best training I have ever had!!

Christine Parks

Absolutely love this establishment! I’ve purchased a match grade weapon and I can’t stress enough how friendly and welcoming the process was to accomplish. I’ve bought else where and never had the same service. You can tell can and his wonderful employees enjoy what they do and truly have fun with their job! It feels like true friends inside his shop!

Porter Mayer

Had my first of many great experiences at liberation firearms! They owners are very friendly and professional! They are focused on safety and having a great experience with your weapons. State of the art equipment is awesome. Support this local business bend and Redmond!!

Greg Snyder

Liberation Firearms Training provides options for booking shooting lanes,
various range membership packages, and excellent
facilities for parties and corporate events.

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