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Your Recommended Courses


Off the X (Preferred)


This is a highly advanced course. Bring your trusted partner and test your abilities together!

This course involves bounding drills, stress drills and medical instruction. At the end of the course you will receive an LFT certificate, LFT medallion, and LFT shirt.


Vehicle Tactics


The Vehicle Tactics Course is designed to teach the nuances, tactics, and techniques of engaging in and around vehicles. Students will be instructed on the ballistic considerations of vehicles, including demonstrating the capabilities of various rounds. Individual, pair, and team movement and contingency tactics will be covered. This class will focus on practical work in and around student vehicles, as well as troubleshooting vehicle-specific issues and setups. Optional NVG/Low Light iterations will be included.


Individual Training

$160/120 Min.

Get one-on-one attention to learn the fundamentals of shooting, or continue to grow your skillset.

Instructor Ken Brown (Recommended)

Ken is the founder and president of Liberation Firearms Training. Ken’s top priority is teaching, in a polite and kind manner, about firearms and making sure everyone has the knowledge to protect themselves.

His creative way of teaching creates an environment where people are not intimidated or thought-provoked, but encouraged and rewarded.