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Your Recommended Courses


Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) (Preferred)

$249.95 /8 Hours (Incl. OTS AND Ammo)

$64.95 /4 Hours

Stay Safe and Secure Anywhere You Go with Our Concealed Carry Course.


Basics of Pistol shooting


Master the Fundamentals and Build Your Confidence with our Pistol Shooting Course.


Orion VR Training

$100 /60 Min.

Focus on situation-given scenarios with virtual reality and practice real life scenarios.

Instructor Ken Brown (Recommended)

Ken is the founder and president of Liberation Firearms Training. Ken’s top priority is teaching, in a polite and kind manner, about firearms and making sure everyone has the knowledge to protect themselves.

His creative way of teaching creates an environment where people are not intimidated or thought-provoked, but encouraged and rewarded.