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Your Recommended Course


Orion VR Training (Preferred)

$100 /60 Min.

Focus on situation-given scenarios with virtual reality and practice real life scenarios.


Defensive Pistol


Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones with Our Comprehensive Defensive Pistol Shooting Course


Instructor Kirk Glisson (Recommended)

Kirk Glisson is one of LTA’s defensive Instructors as well as the co firearms instructor. Teaching self defense courses through Gracie University and is also a licensed NRA instructor, as well as LTA’s Chief Range Safety Officer. Kirk has grown up with firearms and was part of a 4 H Shooting team during middle school.

He has taught and led numerous clubs, camps, and classes throughout his life. He is a very personable and effective instructor in many disciplines. is also set to become a state certified unarmed instructor and armed instructor.