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Ken is the founder and president of Liberation Firearms Training. Ken’s top priority is teaching, in a polite and kind manner, about firearms and making sure everyone has the knowledge to protect themselves. His creative way of teaching creates an environment where people are not intimidated or thought-provoked, but encouraged and rewarded.

Kenneth Christopher Brown, who served in the Army, then moved on to private security contracting and leading Executive Protection teams, protecting high profile diplomats such as General Mattis and Senator Elizabeth Warren. His experience has made him an expert in communication, instruction, and personal security. Kenneth Holds NRA instructor certifications, DPSST Unarmed and Armed certifications. As well as Worldwide Protective Services certifications through the Department of State. Kenneth also holds a Certificate in firearms technology from Sonoran desert institute as well as his associate degree in firearms technology. Kenneth was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to participate as an intern at the Beretta facilities in Maryland where he also became a certified armorer for the APX/92F line of beretta firearms.

Crystel LeeAnn Brown

CO-FOUNDER/ Finance & Logistics

Crystel served 8 years in the United States Army specializing in logistics. Crystel is also a proven leader and is held to a high standard in the military with holding multiple army commendation medals and holds a challenge coin given to her from a four star general Stephen R Lanza. Upon getting out of the military in 2019, Crystel reached the title of Assistant Office Manager within two years. Crystel holds an Associate degree in General Studies from American Military University and licensed LMT in the state of Oregon. Crystel is driven by excellence and takes pride in providing the best services possible.

Leila Gorman

YOUR Instructor

Leila has worked for a combined 3 years in Law Enforcement. She has served in the Corrections division, administration, and as a Sheriff. Leila has experience in Security and is a certified armed/unarmed professional, and a supervisory manager through DPSST. For Leila, safety always comes first, and she values a fun and engaging learning environment for all levels of skill. Leila believes that knowing all aspects of your weapon, and your personal strengths is key to defending yourself and others while keeping the community safe.

Heather Uhrich

Social Media Manager

Heather is the creator behind our social media accounts. She was born and raised in Oregon and grew up around firearms. Heather excels in the medical industry and loves to support her community in any way she can. In her spare time, you will find her supporting the veteran community by volunteering for several nonprofits. 

Nathan Schweikart

Web Design

Nate is the creator of this website. He is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a current Ph.D. Candidate working on his Doctorate in International Relations. He is self taught in web design and site builds.




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